Amazing China Hospital Building Speed by adopting Wall Panel Modular System---7 days to supply one modernize hospital


Amazing China Hospital Building Speed by adopting Wall Panel Modular System

   7 days to supply one modernize hospital

Light weight wall panel fast modular wall containment Systems, with semi-finished wall renovations by adopting water resistance fire resistance cement board, has been deemed essential and effective to establish the “Huoshenshan” and “Leishenshan” hospital in China, and it refocus all production on instant isolation solutions to dramatically increase the number of units available for healthcare facilities throughout the country, helping to protect more healthcare workers and patients and reduce the spread of COVID-19.

S. L machinery light weight wall panel machine production line played a very important role during the just past COVID-19 epidemic in China to provide perfect features of new modernized building raw material, which was highly praised by local Mayor of Quanzhou city.

The light weight wall panel system has following main features.

(1) Reliable mechanical performance:

The mechanics performance of the compound wall panel is in the leading position of the wall products including its resistance of impact, hanging strength, compress and transverse bend.

Can nail or imbed stators directly into the high strength wall panel to fix up all kinds of doorframe.

(2) Good sound insulation and heat insulation performance:

Compound lightweight wall panel has good sound insulation performance due to its internal composition, say, the air sound insulation coefficient of 75mm or 90mm thickness board is more than 40db,which accords with the requirement of sound insulation of the modern building. Moreover, it has good heat insulation performance, which is also the trend of energy-saving.  

(3) Super strong waterproof performance:

The unique structure of wallboard has very strong water-impervious performance. The climbing height of capillary water is less than 20mm in a state of the 48 hour’s water infiltration .It can be used in the bathrooms and kitchens directly.

(4) Good fireproof performance

According to the authoritative test of China Fixed Fire Extinguishing System and Fireproof Components Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, the fire endurance of 75mm thickness wall panel is up to 3 hours while the national standard is over or equal to 1 hour.

(5) Superior construction performance

Compound heat preserving wall panel can be sawn, nailed, notched. It is very easy and efficient to join the wall panels together during the installation. It is also very convenient to imbed wire piping, pipe etc.

(6) Good re-decorate performance

The two sides of compound wallboards are the perfect combination of strengthening fiber cement, organic binder and inorganic binder. It is a decorative wallboard which needn’t to be plastered; we can dope and stick decoration, ceramic tile, wall paper to the wall directly.

(7) Considerable synthetically efficiency

Replacing block brick with lightweight wall panel can not only reduce pressure to the ground sill but also save investment for ground building, reduce the construction cost, enlarge usable area of building. Upon budget, using wall panel can enlarges 3-6 m2 usable area per 100m2 than using traditional brick block materials.

(8) Increase room space

For internal wall, 75mm thickness wall panels are equal to 120mm thickness traditional brick wall plus 40mm two side plastering. The floor area rate of wall panel to traditional brick wall is 4.26%: 9.1%. The living area is increased by 4.26 m2 per 100 m2.


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