BAUMA CHINA 2020 has come to a successful conclusion, a new journey begins


BAUMA CHINA 2020 has come to a successful conclusion, a new journey begins

On November 27, 2020, the Shanghai Bauma Exhibition officially concluded at the Shanghai International Expo Center. S.L Machinery made a splendid appearance at the exhibition with the latest high-end servo system SLST1200 Block Machine production line.

Specialized in quality, invincible!

The new full servo system block machine made a wonderful appearance at the exhibition.

As a leader in domestic high-end equipment manufacturing, S.L Machinery attracted countless merchants' visits and consultations as soon as it appeared. The exhibition site was crowded with people. The passing merchants were all attracted by this new big amazing guy. There were also many customers who came here to negotiate.



     S.L Machinery has been working hard to maximize the use of recyclable resources such as construction waste, solid waste, slag, etc. for many years. In 2020, it has established an advanced environmental protection engineering technology research center in cooperation with Shanghai University, and has always take the lead in the industry. The brand-new high-end servosystem block machine production line unveiled this time, adopted a brand-new servo vibration system to improve the surface strength of the product and reduce energy consumption. The brand-new servo hydraulic system also debuts with a new appearance, which has made a significant contribution to energy saving and noise reduction.

    There is still one month before the end of 2020. This is a year of twists and turns. The epidemic is raging and the global economy is hampered. However, S.L Machinery has continued to develop in this difficult year, steadily climbing, based on quality, and continuous innovation on our goal, we are always at the forefront of the industry in new technologies, new formulas, and new fields. The exhibition ends and the journey begins. We will shout for the last month of 2020 and create greater glories.


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