Introduction on Mixer for Wall Panel Machine Production Line 2021-05-12

Introduction on Mixer for Wall Panel Machine Production Line

Lightweight wall panel machine production line is composed of mixer, feeding system, slurry-infusing machine, moulding machine and wall panel transporting cart, etc. We would like to introduce our mixer in details.


JQ1000/JQ2500 lighteweight aggregate forcing mixer is designed specially for cement board compound heat preserving lightweight wall panel machine production line with advantages as reasonable construction, efficient, mixing of fine quality, lightweight, convenient maintenance, automatic charging and discharging, automatic measure, etc. It is mainly composed of mixing components, measuring components, steep making machine, water supplying system and maintaining platform.

2. Mixing component

Mixing component is composed of mixing tank, lie shaft and drive system. There are mixing shaft and leaves in the round mixing tank. Aggregates rotate quickly and continuously with Leaves, so aggregate are mixed efficient with high intensity.

Aggregates are discharged through a quick-open elevating door. The door open after aggregates are well mixed, to feed aggregates into the slurry-infusing machine. The motion of mixing shaft comes from motor which is drove by XWD cycloidal pinwheel speed reducer and shaft coupling.

3. Measuring system

EPS storage hopper measuring the quantity of EPS by timing, to control the ratio of EPS in the final mixture.

The cement (fly-ash) measuring system which is installed on top of mixing tank is composed of measuring hopper, sensor and pneumatic butterfly valve. When the quantity of cement reach a set value, the measuring controller will sent out signal, the programming controller will cut off the power supply of screw conveyor to stop charging. When discharging signal is sent out, the butterfly valve open, cement going directly into the mixer.

The upper part of the cement measuring hopper is connected to the discharging hole of screw conveyor and bottom discharging part by canvas, keep the measuring hopper in free suspension position to prevent the canvas be too tight, or cement stick on canvas and become solify, which will lead to measuring differences.

There is a air post on the top of cement measuring hopper, which has cement filter cloth inside. Screw conveyor exhaust air from this hole while feeding, to keep the pressure in normal range so that all measuring are accurate.

4. Discharging device

The discharging device is composed of air compressor, F.R.L COMBINATION (filter, regulator and lubricator), electromagnetic directional valve, pneumatic butterfly valve etc. In automatic controlling condition, the controlling center will send out signal to open and close the butterfly valve.

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