Talk something about lightweight sandwich wall panel 28 Dec 2018

Today, Let is talk something about Lightweight sandwich wall panel. Lightweight wall panel is specific produced for modern architecture, ecological residence, frame structure and lower construction, the birth of wall panel marks the renewal of the wall material, new leap has been made in the modernization of wall materials. The birth of this product replaces the traditional block process, it meets the wall material requirements with new energy saving energy and waste building concept and excellent performance of the modern building.

Wall panel is composed of cement, fly ash, EPS (expanded polystyrene foam particles), foam agent, and some additives (hydroxymethyl cellulose, reusable dispersion emulsion powder),  mixing with water according to certain proportion, then grouting and forming.face board can use cement board, calcium silicate board, plasterboard or glass magnesium board.

Lightweight sandwich wall panel is not only widely used in various kinds of high and multi-storey non-bearig buildings, but also can make adornment panel, fire partition use, operation is simple, easy and beautiful.

Lightweight wall panel’advantages:

1,Lightweight panels for interior and exterior walls and partitions;

2,Each panel is 1.8 m2(3mX0.6m) with thickness options of 75mm,

90mm,100mm, 120mm,150mm,200mm; Length: 2440mm-3000mm, width: 610mm

3,Tongue and groove profiles to interlock each panel.

4,Energy-saving, lightweight, waterproof, soundproof, fireproof, fast installation, heat insulation, anti-earthequake, without plastering, environmental protection etc.

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