BRICS --- S.L Machinery Enters India


BRICS --- S.L Machinery Enters India

India, as one of the members of the BRICS, in recent years, its rapid economic development has attracted the attention of countries all over the world. With the development of economy, a lot of business opportunities are springing up. Although people began to pay close attention to India, there was not much information about the whole of India, just like looking at India through a layer of gauze. In recent years, through cooperation with India merchants, S.L Machinery also fully understand the current situation of infrastructure market in India and the direction of development.

In recent years, India's economy has continued to grow, and infrastructure construction has been in full swing. In the development of infrastructure in India, the investment in highway transportation, railway transportation, airports, ports and energy construction is very large, which hides huge business opportunities. The world's construction machine manufacturers, construction contractors, highway toll station operators, energy development and construction providers in the India market has vast space for development. S.L Machinery leaders with their keen insight and accurate judgment and timely grasp of economic development in India, from the government of India to increase social infrastructure investment this opportunity, push efforts to develop India engineering machinery market, S.L Machinery’s block machine, wall panel machine  and road construction machine put into the market in India, establish the market in India with the Chinese nationality brand.

With all kinds of equipment and related parts of India, QFT4-15 simple production line was purchased from OMP company, SEML company to customized to meet their production needs and stacking machine, wall panel equipment, concrete mixing plant and so on, Sanlian Machinery in every execution of orders , always put the interests of customers first gradually, the market has a good reputation in India, attract the India merchants preference.

Of course, "dedicated to the  global environmental protection" is each SANLIAN employee final dream, thank the motherland to held the BRICS Meeting in Xiamen, with more foreign broad development platform, let Sanlian Machinery have such a platform will be committed to the cause of global environmental protection "into every corner of India and the world!


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