BRICS --- SL Machinery Shines in South Africa


South Africa, one of the BRICS countries, is a middle-income developing country. It is also the most developed country in Africa with the highest labor productivity and the most rational economic structure. In recent years, South Africa's economic construction has continued to accelerate, and its cooperation with Chinese enterprises has become increasingly close.

With the accelerated development of economic,infrastructure facilities in South Africa have also been updated, which has greatly increased the demand for Construction Machine in South Africa. However, the quality of construction machine of various brands vary greatly, and the choice of machine by South African businessmen seems confused and have no way to start.

Mr. Mueen Khan is the director of a brick factory in South Africa. In the production of his Block Machine that he had bought from another manufacturer, the mechanical equipment was frequently failed, and restricted by the single function and low output of brick equipment, which caused  many important orders were missed. When Mr. Mueen Khan came to S.L Machinery seek for help, he was attracted by the special appearance and powerful function of the S.L brick machine. S.L Machinery sales representatives fully understood the status of Mr. Mueen Khan’s brick factory after detailed conversation with Mr. Mueen Khan, then recommended a set of brick machine for his factory . S.L Machinery QFT12-15 so settled in the Mr. Mueen Khan’s brick factory, and in the future production process, won  much praise from Mr. Mueen Khan, and he said, "good things need to be shared."! So he introduced many friends come to buy the  block machine from S.L Machinery.

It can be said that the S.L Machinery’s machine in South Africa shines into the hearts of people.

The BRICS countries, South Africa is the last country story with  S.L Machinery now simply introduced to the end. Finally, all the S.L people wish the 2017 BRICS Leaders Meeting in Xiamen to be successfully held


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