BRICS - The Story between Russia and SL Machinery


On September 3, 2017, the "BRICS Conference", which attracted worldwide attention, will be held in Xiamen, china. The BRICS quotes each first letter of Russia , China , Brazil , India and South Africa . BRICS countries initially refer to China, Russia, India, Brazil and South Africa, five promising emerging market countries. It is worth mentioning that, in addition to China, the rest of the "BRICS" also has a very profound origin with S.L Machinery. We talk about Brazil at the  last article, today our theme is the story between Russian businessmen and S.L Machinery, the details are shown as follows:

The modern infrastructure of Russia: transportation, industry, energy, manufacturing, and so forth, mainly during the Soviet Union. There is no doubt that many facilities need to be renewed. In such conditions the demand, the advantages of S.L Machinery production of professional equipment, high cost and good performance gradually attracted many customers come to discuss cooperation with SL machinery.

HESS GROUP company in Russia and S.L Machinery have been working together for nearly ten years. Back to the cooperation for the first time in 2008, HESS GROUP responsible person made a special trip to China for brick making equipment, as a strength and a few years later become a big company in Russia Sochi Olympic Games supplier, HESS GROUP in the selection of equipment, since so many manufacturers made them feel the headache. Finally after repeated comparison of major domestic machinery manufacturing equipment factory, S.L Machinery with its strong technical team, good service attitude, rigorous and efficient work style unassailable won the battle, HESS GROUP with QFT10-15 ordered from S.L machinery (special) multifunctional automatic brick making equipment, doing contribution  to the city. Working shoulder to shoulder with the fighting nation, S.L machinery is always trying best!

After that the LLC, Russia's large group company bought various brick wall equipment, Wall Panel Machine Lines and supporting mould, S.L machinery is now on the most spectacular blossom everywhere in Russia. We also believe that S.L Machinery will be permanent and Russian businessmen to maintain good partnerships, in response to the call of the motherland, for contributing to the BRICS meeting, make a contribution for the country's foreign trade.


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