Celebrate The 20th Anniversary of Hong Kong's Return and 19th Anniversary of S.L Machinery


Today is the 20th Anniversary of Hong Kong's Return, and 19th Anniversary of S.L Machinery.

Best wishes to China, to Hong Kong, to S.L Machinery.

Thanks to all leaders, customers, outsourcing factories, suppliers and all friends who care about S.LMachinery’s development. Meanwhile, best regards to all the employee of S.L Machinery who work hard in their position, and to their family.

In the world, there is one kind of power to make us continued growth, and there is some harvest to make us feel proud. In the vast and rich land of China, the sun and moon are reincarnation; S.L Machinery has been developed from small to big, weak to strong, the entrepreneurship road is hard, but full of glory and dream.

Whatever rain or wind, never forget the beginning. In the past 19 years, S.L Machinery always insist the corporate philosophy of Dedicated To Global Environmental Protection , and has own land in the field. In 2017, S.L Machinery won the Innovation Benchmarking Enterprise of National wall material in Twelfth Five-Year Plan.

On this occasion, Celebrate The 20th Anniversary of Hong Kong's Return and 19th Anniversary of S.L Machinery.

Thank you for everyone’s support and care. In the period from July 1st to September 1st, the customer buy our machine will get one set of mold for free or equivalent accessories. The old customer (friend) introduce new customer will have another good present . the details please contact the sales department of S.L Machinery: 0595-86789998.


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