EPS Wall Panel Machine

THe eps wall panel machine has two kinds, one is horizontal, the other is vertical. Different kinds of wall panel machine is suitable for different customers.
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EPS Wall Panel Machine


The Panel was first developed and patented in the 1970's in Australia. In the beginning of 1990's the Panel was being used across Australia mainly in the construction of residential homes. Today it is widely used in Asia and Australia in all sectors of construction.

Sanlian wall panel machine is started from  2003, and the the technology is improved many times. The wall panel machine is developed from manual to automatic, from small capacity to big capapcity. Now Sanlian wall panel machine has two types: horizontal and vertical wall panel machine. 

Horizontal Wall Panel Machine

horizontal wall panel machine

Vertical Wall Panel Machine

vertical wall panel machine


1. EPS wall panel production line integrates electronics, hydraulics and mechanics.

2. Its main production process consists of six parts, namely batching, mixing, automatic grouting, mould turnover, conveying, curing, demoulding and stacking.

3. Two working methods, including manual and automatic recycling are available to select.

4. Its safety and stability can be achieved by the advanced industrial PLC, high-precision hydraulic components and compact mechanical structure.

Main Features:

1. Automatic, controlled by PLC Controller; 

2. Main electrical components use Germany brand SIEMENS brand; 

3. Production line has big flexibility, can produce solid panel, hollow panel, panel with face board and without face board etc.. 

4. Can use different raw materials to produce different panels; 

5. Production line is easy operation and easy maintenance. 

EPS Concrete Wall Panel Advantage:

1. Fast and easy installation on site.

2. Heat insulation.

3. Sound insulation.

4. Energy saving.

5. Lightweight.

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    EPS Wall Panel Machine
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