From World Cup to Prefabricated Construction


The 2018 World Cup was in the heat of battle. The competition was held in 12 stadiums, some of which were completely refurbished before the world cup, and some were built for the world cup. But the way out for these modern sports venues is been worried. Energy conservation and other problems can be found everywhere. After the wonderful world cup, many venues will become a costly display.

Interior view of Rostov Stadium

Interior View of Spartak Stadium

The fabricated building has solved the difficult problems of  large stadium construction. With modular structure, the stadiums  can reduce material consumption, reduce waste and reduce emissions, and the construction period will be greatly reduced. Four years later, in 2022 Qatar World Cup, the stadium will be made by China's fabricated buildings. The 2022 Qatar world Cup Stadium, the RAS Abu Abboud stadium, is a detachable and reusable "green Stadium" using the idea of assembly architecture.

Russia is mainly temperate continental climate, cool climate in summer, and Qatar is a tropical desert climate, the world cup coincides with the hot and dry summer. From the cool Russian world cup to the hot Qatar world cup, the problem of heat insulation is a key problem.

Sanlian Machinery wall panel has the advantages of heat insulation, rapid installation, low structure cost, short construction period and so forth. It can provide a comfortable viewing environment for the World Cup fans.

Sanlian "vertical compound lightweight and energy efficient wall panel automatic production line" which has been developed in the front of the assembly building industry and has 14 patents in one. It is identified as the first major technical equipment in Fujian province. It has been upgraded from the traditional production mode to the full automatic production, and the  problem of old style artificial stripping and grouting are solved. Relieved the heavy labor ,and provided a guarantee for the quality of the wall panel.

Virtical compound lightweight wall panel production line

Sanlian Machinery horizontal double layers wall panel production line is the first in the domestic market. The structure is reasonable, the automation level and the production efficiency are high. It can produce different formula and different sizes of composite lightweight insulation wall panel and foamed concrete wall panel. The bulk density is 600-800kg/m3, and the strength is 3.5-7MPA. As a leading enterprise in the wall material industry, it is well received by customers both at home and abroad.

Double layers compound lightweight wall panle production line

SL-MACHINERY Wall Panel Project Case

SL-MACHINERY Wall panel project case

At the moment of  that assembly architecture becomes the mainstream, Sanlian Machinery is following the trend of the times and set off a new round of wall material revolution.


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