Fujian villagers residential promote the use of new wall materials


The Fujian Provincial Government has issued Decree No. 99, "Fujian Province, the development and application of new wall materials management approach", the "approach" shall enter into force as of November 1. The way, the application of new wall materials, should be a gradual promotion to the rural villagers residential construction should be a day to reduce the use of clay products.

It is reported that Fujian will increase to encourage the production, use of new wall materials, limiting the production, the use of hollow clay products, efforts to phase out production and use of solid clay brick (W). Within the urban districts of municipalities and districts, counties (cities) the seat of government, as well as Economic and Technological Development Zone, banning the production of solid clay brick (W) from January 1, 2009 January 1, 2013, banning the production of hollow clay brick .

"Measures" made it clear that the ban on new, expansion of production projects of all solid clay brick (W). Who waste resources to produce new wall materials, and the comprehensive utilization rate of the national requirements can enjoy preferential treatment.


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