Happy New Year 2018---S.L Machinery


Back in 2017, China ushered in a lots of good news. Firstly, "The Belt and Road“International Cooperation Forum and Xiamen BRICS Summit were held grandly. Secondly,  domestic aircraft carriers was first launched,  the domestic large aircraft completed its first flight, and then 19th Party Congress of China held grandly. In this year, Quanzhou Sanlian Machinery is also full of achievements:

1.      In May 2017, S.L Machinery was awarded by the China Circular Economy Association awarded the "12th Five-Year" national innovation enterprise Certificate of Wall Materials Innovation.

2.      In May 2017, S.L Machinery was awarded the first wave of Fujian province's first set of major technology and equipment identification enterprises by Fujian economic and Information Committee.

3.      In 2017, the intelligent equipment cloud service system of Quanzhou Sanlian Machinery was formally launched to operate, providing more convenient services for the company and its customers, which means that the company has reached a new level in the field of device intelligence.

4.      In 2017, Quanzhou Sanlian Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. harvested 12 invention patents and utility models.

5.      In July 2017, leaders of “Wall material innovation and building energy conservation promotion office” from Jiangxi, Guangxi and other 8 provinces and cities visited the Quanzhou City Sanlian Machinery and gave the company high praise.

6.      In 2017, Quanzhou Sanlian Machinery exported equipment to Dubai, USA, Vietnam, Kenya, Congo, Nicaragua, Malaysia, Laos, Egypt, Fiji and a total of 25 countries and regions.

7.      In October 2017, the leader of the Ministry of Commerce and international trade and economic cooperation research institute came to Quanzhou Sanlian Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. for research and guidance, and gave high praise to the company.

8.  In December 2017,  as a leading technology benchmark for machinery and equipment industry, Quanzhou Sanlian Machinery warmly received the teachers and students from Quanzhou Institute of Information Engineering who came to visit and practice.

Work hard, keep quality and innovate, forge ahead and strive to encourage. We keep pushing ourselves on this. In 2018, Sanlian Machinery will not forget the original intention, and hand in hand to all the new and old partners to continue their efforts to "Dedicated to the global environmental protection"!


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