How to Maintain Brick Machine in Hot Summer


With hot summer coming, S.L brick machines all around the world are still busy in making different designs of bricks in accordance with different standards . Each customer focuses on their finished bricks on the yard, besides, also learn how to maintain brick machines.

First of all, the daily maintenance is essential. Let's popularize the common sense of maintenance, mainly involving the following points:

1. Check the machine fasteners are loose or not carefully before using; the lubrication parts should be lubricated according to the requirements;

2. Check whether the mechanical control system is normal,  limit switch and control components are out of order or not;

3. Check the floor size, substandard are not allowed to use to avoid  any damage of the machine;

4. Must clean the remaining concrete on the mold box, mould press head and other parts of the machine after each shift working.

5.  Keep all components in the system clean (without oil, dust accumulation), and regularly clean the outer surface of the hydraulic oil tank regularly;

6. Before maintenance: Check the various parts of the equipment before starting to work, and handover the  lubrication work and  observe the lubrication condition , check the program settings according to the regulation. Maintenance in the process of using: Operate the machine strictly according to the rules of operations, and observe the equipment working condition and status and stop it  in time if any abnormal. Class-After maintenance: Make the most of your time to do all the scope of the cleaning work.

Remove the specified parts, cover and shield, etc., thoroughly clean, wipe the inside and outside surface of the equipment. Adjust the various parts of the gaps, tighten the loose parts, check the wear parts of the wear and tear, replace the individual wearing parts. Check the oil circuit, waterway; regularly clean the guide rail and slide guide rod and other parts, remove the rag and scratches.

7. To comply with the four requirements of the brick machine production line operation and maintenance:

Firstly is neat: including tooling, mold, tool accessories neatly placed, security devices, line piping integrity; Secondly is clean: the equipment operating range  is clean, do not leak (no any leakage , watertight, oil tight, material leakage);The third is the lubrication: refuel on time, greasing, oil pointer bright; The forth is the safety: the regulations for shifting of duty ,and the system of fixed machine and operator, to comply with the operation and maintenance procedures, careful maintenance, monitoring abnormalities.

Secondly, due to the hot weather in summer, the daily maintenance is not enough, equipment maintenance also particularly concerned about the following:

once the equipment is put into production operation, the hydraulic oil should be replaced or filtered every year. The capacity of  Hydraulic oil tank is about 600KG; need to use the provisions of the anti-wear hydraulic oil (summer: N68 anti-wear hydraulic oil; winter: N46 anti-wear hydraulic oil).  Customers should prepare a rag, a pumping unit and a sufficient number of empty buckets to remove the old oil. Remove the refueling filter as the inlet of pumping unit. In order to clean up all  the oil in the tank, there is a drain bolt at the bottom of the tank, customers can clean the oil by unscrewed it. Please remove the cover of the tank and clean it with a rag. (Note: Customers can use gasoline and diesel for cleaning, not to use water, steam, etc. If the tank is particularly dirty, customers  can clean it by hydraulic oil).

Finally, for the natural curing of the green brick, the national standard required maintenance period is 28 days. The green brick must be kept in a shed for 6-12 hours, and can not be placed in the sun or rain, otherwise it will affect the strength of the brick. And then pushed to the yard , the pallet height is generally about one meter five. From seven days to ten days must be watered three times (requirements: wet, pouring). Sun is relatively strong in the summer noon, water evaporation is faster, so it requires watered once again, later period can delay watering.


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