Large-scale automatic brick machine creates a modern PC product factory and increases the green transformation of mines


In recent years, many major provinces with resources and minerals have increased their comprehensive management of diseased reservoirs, unmaintained tailings reservoirs, and "overhead reservoirs". The processing of tailings into green building materials by large-scale automatic brick machine is an effective way to utilize tailings resources, with large market space and high economic benefits.

The output of China’s tailings mainly comes from the mining and dressing of ferrous metal and non-ferrous metal, including iron tailings, copper tailings, and non-ferrous metal tailings, accounting for 66.11%, 25.14%, and 10.87% of the total. , 16.86%, according to the comprehensive utilization of 53% of the tailings of the mine empty yard filled each year, and the investment per ton is about 1400 yuan, 1500 yuan, and 1500 yuan respectively. There are still 561 million tons among China’s annual output of 890 million tons of tailings that have not been effectively used. If this part of the tailings is fully recycled, the total market investment is about 691.418 billion yuan.

As a leading technology-based enterprise in China’s industry, S.L Machinery’s large-scale automatic brick machine has obvious advantages in the utilization of tailings resources. It has stood out in the fierce market competition, created a number of modern PC product factories, and has made a green transformation in mines,alone leads the way in China.

The technology of the large-scale automatic High End Servo System Vibropress brick machine overcomes the incompatibility between traditional concrete blocks and imitation stone product. Through the unique technology, the Vibropress Brick Machine can produce artificial stone, PC imitation stone brick, landscape artificial stone, and various cement products such as permeable bricks, curbstones, solid bricks, etc.; the contradictory of high strength cement bricks, high water permeability pavers and delicate imitation stone cement product are integrated and realized simultaneously, and it also has unique advantages in the treatment of solid waste such as construction waste. It can not only greatly increase the amount of solid waste such as construction waste, but also truly consume a large amount of industrial solid waste , which plays the role of comprehensive secondary utilization of resources, but also ensures that the products produced meet the relevant quality standards.

S.L Machinery is a national high-tech enterprise that manufactures and sells intelligent multifunctional brick machine production line, prefabricated thermal insulation wall panel machine, concrete mixing plants and other professional environmental protection equipment. In the current environment of circular economy and resource integration, the company has always been adhering to the business philosophy of "committed to global environmental protection" and "achieving perfect construction". It has established close cooperation with many scientific research institutions and introduced cutting-edge technology and equipment, realizing the perfect collision of technology and environmental protection.

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