Lightweight Wall Panel Production Line

Lightweight Wall Panel Production Line is designed to produce partition wall panel, the panel construction is fast.
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Prefabricated Building:

Prefabricated Building

The main wall building material is from EPS Cement Wall Panel , which makes the Prefab house.

The advantage of Prefabricated Building:

-96% Energy saving warm preservation of Sanlian Panel

-300% Fast installation

-39% Labour cost saving

-8% Grade anti-seimic

-240 Minutes fire proof (1000 degree )

-70 Years life Span 

Lightweight Wall Panel Production Line Introduction:

Horizontal Automatic type wall panel production line integrates electronics, hydraulics and mechanics. Its main production process consists of six parts, namely batching, mixing, automatic grouting, conveying, demoulding and stacking. Two working methods, including manual and automatic recycling are available to select. Its safety and stability can be achieved by the advanced industrial PLC, high-precision hydraulic components and compact mechanical structure.

Lightweight Wall Panel Production Line
Wall Panel Factory

Why choose Sanlian House Solution  ?

1 . Sanlian can offer complete house to you from A-Z, you will not worry to find each item from hundred of different suppliers

2. Sanlian House solution-Easy & Fast building and labor cost saving . the speed of this construction method is 300% faster than the traditional style which results in a 75% reduction in labor costs

3. Sanlian House come with green & Energy saving

On a conventional building site. 25% wastage is evident against the Sanlian Panel display , less than 1% of wastage . In testing , it was evident that there was 96% retention of energy .

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