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We Invite You to Attend Saudi Big Five Construction Expo in K.S.A. in March, 2017
When "the Belt and Road" became a national development strategy, more and more Chinese enterprises move forward into the international market. S.L. Machinery has been standing among this group, embracing the world and future.
Recently, in a factory of Myanmar of Southeast Asia, the people are celebrating successful commissioning of QFT12 automatic block production line and put into production. Meanwhile, you can see every S.L. Machinery people with a confident smile over there.
Under the blue sky and white cloud, the silo is set up straightly. One side, the flyash, cement, sand and other raw materials are batching; the other side, the mold are continuous working, the raw material are pressed and then the block come out. The block are transported by the long conveying belt, the mechanical hand catch the block, and then the block are stacked on the open ground.
The iron are seen everywhere, but the workers not found. The workers’ breath is replaced by the machine’s gear grinding, the intellectualization brings the high rising of labor efficiency: calculated by 300 working days and double shifts, the annual output of the production line is 10,368,000 pcs of hollow block (400*200*200), or 41,472,000 pcs of paving brick (200*100*60).
Sanlian use more than ten years to do this not just to improve the output, they want to use this machine to solve the environmental problem, and leave more land for the next generation: we use 1.3 billion cubic meter of clay to produce red brick each year; the coal consumption is 70 million tons, many fertile land will be polluted by the remained flyash and coal gangue after burning.

When this automatic block machine series equipment of “waste” into wealth”  has been resarched & developmented, SL-MACHIERY steps into the provincial high-tech enterprises. As in the following competition in the market, it is confirmed that the noise and performance of a number of new technology is comparable to foreign equipment, but the Price  just two to one third of foreign products, all orders start coming.

From the Westest African country of Cape Verde, to Malaysia in Southeast Asia, and to  as far afield as Brazil, Mechanical equipment from SL-MACHINERY began to go abroad. From Bauma China to 120th Canton Fair, from BATIMATEC to Vietbuild, our customers began all over the world.
When in 2017 open a new page, there was Saudi Big5 will be held at Jeddah Centrein March. According to the information displayed, Now Saudi domestic construction engineering project total estimated at $420 billion, a lot of money flow into Saudi local building materials market. And the Saudi Big5 founded in 1982, the scene of the annual exhibition have attracted 3000 exhibitors from more than 70 countries, more than 400,000 people, has became the largest Building Materials Expo in the Middle East .
S.L. Machinery is hardly not to engage in such an important occasion. Mellor, a top leader of construction field Siemens said "The construction market is one of the most dynamic industries in Saudi Arabia. We are looking forward to a chance to further strengthen cooperation with Saudi’s companies. We are glad to see that a lot of new projects are emerging everywhere in Saudi's building materials industry.”
What he said speaks out the participants’ heart in building material industry. For the S.L. Machinery people, when they are dedicated to research for the reform of wall materials for more than 10 years, and aimed to create green building materials, they prefer these advanced equipments sold to all over the world, in order to turn desolate places into gardens.
Therefore, they are ready to attend that expo. In March, we will meet you in Saudi Arabia.

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