New Wall Panel Factory Launched in KSA during Corona-virus Epidemic


New Wall Panel Factory Launched in KSA during Corona-virus Epidemic

Description on wall panel raw material

2020, thecorona-virusspreads fiercely around the world which brings huge loss to the world, and causes stagnation of human economic activity, however there is a brave and courageous service team from S.L Machinery resolutely perform wall panel machine installation task.

To support the SA Company from Jeddah KSA to get the wall panel in shortest time, S.L machinery dispatched their experienced wall panel machine installation team on 15th FEB 2020 before the flight disruption and visa control of KSA government. After 2 month professional installation and cooperation, S.L machinery successfully help SA company to produce the fast building raw material, light weight EPS wall panel,which played an important role to build fast hospital Huoshenshan Hospital and Fangchuan Hospital in China to fight against 2020 corona-virus.

As per the introduction of the installation engineers in SA company wall panel machine installation project, it is very important to pay attention to select the raw material for producing good quality wall panel.

1.1Wall panel is composed of cement, fly ash, EPS (expanded polystyrene foam particles), foam agent and additives (such as hydroxymethyl cellulose, reusable dispersion emulsion powder, water reducing agent etc.), mixing with water according to certain proportion, then grouting and forming.

1.2 Reference formula for 1 cubic meters wall panel:

We will design each specific customize recipe at site for customers.

1.3 The wall panel can be separated from aluminum mould easily without any sticky material or damaged corners by applying mould discharging agent on wall panel forming sides of aluminum moulds.

1.4.1 Cement, fly ash and water shall meet requirements as following:


GB175-2007               425R Ordinary Portland Cement(early strong type)


GB/T1596-2005           Used for cement and concrete industry


The concrete mixing water is divided into drinking water, surface water, groundwater, and industrial waste water after proper treatment or disposal. The drinking water which meets the China national standard of life can mix various kinds of concrete; The surface water and groundwater shall be inspected according to the regulations before the first time using; The industrial waste water shall be used after treatment and inspection.

1.4.2Other material should meet the requirements as following:

EPS (expanded polystyrene foam particles)

The material is made from the polystyrene resin after expanding, which is the main aggregate of the insulation mortar. Polystyrene foam is mostly of closed hole structure, with low water absorption and insulation, excellent dielectric performance and high mechanical strength. It is usually used with a weight of 8 to 10kg /cubic meters as a thermal insulation material. The flame retardant expandable polystyrene resin beads should meet the above requirements after secondary foaming.Generally speaking, the final EPS beads will be expanded into 4-6mm EPS raw material/particles of wall panel.

Foam agent

The foam agent makes the object material with air hole. It can be divided into three categories: chemical foaming agent and physical foaming agent and surfactant. The chemical foam agent is the compound which can release carbon dioxide and nitrogen gas and form fine pores in polymer composition. The physical foaming agent is the foam fine hole and formed through the physical form of a certain material, which is formed through the expansion of compressed gas, the evaporation of the liquid or the dissolution of the solid. All the foam agent has high surface activity, foaming agent can reduce the surface tension of liquid effectively, and in the ordering of the liquid film on the surface of double shell and surrounded by air, bubbles is composed of a single bubble again.

Our Light weight sand wich wall panel adopts the physical foaming agent. Animal protein foaming agent, appearance: light yellow, density 1.01-1.02 g / cm3, solid content≥ 35%, PH value 9-10

Renewable latex powder(emulsion powder)

Emulsion powder has the very outstanding bond strength, improving the flexible and having a long open time to make mortar good alkali resistance, improving the adhesive bonding mortar, flexural strength, waterproof, plasticity, wear-resisting performance and construction, among the flexible anti-crack mortar it has more strong flexible. Ethylene / vinyl acetate copolymer, vinyl acetate / vinyl versatate copolymer, acrylic copolymer.

Hydroxymethyl cellulose

Non-toxic tasteless white flocculent powder, stable performance, easy to dissolve in water, its aqueous solution is neutral or alkaline transparent viscous liquid, soluble in water soluble glue and other resin, insoluble in ethanol and other organic solvents. It can be used as binder, thickener, suspension agent, emulsifier, dispersant, stabilizer and sizing agent.

Water reducing agent

The water reducing agent is a concrete admixture that can reduce the mixing water consumption under the condition that the concrete slump is substantially unchanged. Most of them is anionic surfactants, including lignin sulfonate and naphthalene sulfonate formaldehyde polymers .After added into concrete mixture, the cement granules can be dispersed, it can improve its working ability, reduce water consumption and improve the fluidity of concrete mixing or reduce the amount of cement to save cement using.Mold discharging agentIt can be mixed with soap liquid and waste engine oil.


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