S.L Machinery Debuts at 2018 International New Wall Exhibition


2018' International Exhibition on New Wall Materials, New Technologies, New Equipment and Auxiliary Products ( It can be abbreviated as "2018 International New Wall Materials Exhibition") will be held at the Greenland International Exhibition Center of Nanchang, Jiangxi Province from May 15 to May 18.  The theme of this year's wall material exhibition is“Green Development, Low Carbon and Open Sharing”, with the aim of“enhancing communication, promoting cooperation, promoting innovation, and seeking common development”, aiming to build a platform for the prosperity and development of China's wall material innovation.

wall panel exhibition

Quanzhou Sanlian Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. successively led domestic wall materials enterprises to achieve three leapfrog innovations from  clay brick to cement block, from block to wall panel, from ordinary wall panel to environmentally friendly wall panel, and won the honor of “National Benchmark Innovation and Innovation of Wall Materials”in 2017,  As a leading company in the field of wall material equipment, Sanlian Machinery was also invited to participate in this wall material exhibition.

sanlian at wall panel exhibition

With the development of society, the country implements the policy of wall reform to achieve the purpose of protecting land and saving energy. The wall panel production line of SL Machinery is in line with the national wall material innovation and promotion of energy-saving and industrial waste industrial policies, achieving technology breakthrough. During the exhibition, visitors from all walks of life were attracted.

In the future, SL Machinery will enhance its core technology innovation capability through independent innovation, and will further cater to the national trend of green manufacturing and low carbon recycling, and contribute to the realization of the national new urbanization development and energy conservation and emission reduction strategy.


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