With the development of the modernization of the construction industry, the term "prefabricated building" is frequently mentioned from top to bottom. "Building houses like building blocks" has become a new trend in the construction industry.

As a high-tech enterprise integration with research, manufacturing, sales and service of high-end environmental protection intelligent block making equipment, prefabricated building light wall panel machine, concrete mixing station, etc., Sanlian machinery, starting from green and energy-saving buildings, continuously innovates its R & D assembly type composite light wall panel production line, assisting China's assembly type buildings development and upgrading.

Improve the production line of composite light weight wall panel

In the traditional impression of many people, the scene on the construction site should be like this: on the site with the sound of the mixer, the workers are working hard and busy, and the blocks are built one by one

In fact, such a building mode is quietly changing. In front of Sanlian macinery double-layer horizontal composite light insulation wall panel production line , the reporter found that raw materials are just injected into the mixing equipment, then a series of assembly line operations, finally every piece wall is born, and stacked together neatly.

Tony Chen, the manager of the brand Department of Sanlian machinery, told reporters that the operation after the production of the wall panel is dry operation assembly construction. The height of the wall panel is about 3 meters. On average, a skilled worker can install more than 35 square meters of wall panel per day, and the two sides of the wall panel are flat without plastering. In addition, the width and length can be cut and adjusted arbitrarily according to the needs of the building structure to reduce the loss of materials Rate and construction waste; achieve the effect of simple transportation, sanitary stacking, no mortar batching, and shorten the construction period.“

With the increase of labor cost, the improvement of environmental protection requirements, the improvement of Labor Occupational Health and working environment, the construction industry has become a trend towards the direction of construction industrialization, and the assembly construction mode has gradually become the mainstream of the development of the construction industry. "Tony Chen told reporters that not only in Shanghai and other big cities, but also in County cities. According to the policy requirements, it is estimated that the proportion of new prefabricated buildings in China will reach 15% in 2020 and 30% in 2025. "The products produced by the production line are assembly building supporting products, and there is still a lot of room for development in the future."

In fact, the automatic production line of vertical type composite light weight energy-saving wall panel produced by Sanlian Machinery was recognized as the first major equipment in 2017. In recent years, Sanlian has increased its innovation, developed a double-layer horizontal composite light weight insulation wall panel production line on this basis, and continuously improved the automation level of the production line.

"At present, the production line can realize automatic mixing, automatic grouting, automatic forming and even automatic demoulding. It is suitable for large-scale production of relatively standardized high-quality products. "Tony Chen told reporters that before there at least four workers were needed to complete the demoulding operation. The work intensity was relatively high and the efficiency was low. The Sanlian engineers made a breakthrough in the production process, enabling it to realize automatic demoulding and making the production line more intelligent.

Overseas users are one of the main users of the production line. In order to facilitate the promotion of overseas market, Sanlian also works hard on the finished product technology to make the products more diversified. It can produce products with and without panels, which can be applied to different customers with different needs. "According to the market sales and raw material demand of some countries, we have also newly developed new wall panel without facial panel." Tony Chen Said.

Servo block machine is popular in the market

In addition to product upgrading, Sanlian machinery has also made great efforts in service.

For the sponge City permeable block, PC imitation stone block and other high value-added products which are popular in the market in the near future, Sanlian machinery has made in-depth research on the product formula and equipment technology to make its products more suitable for the market demand. In addition, the newly developed servo block machine is also suitable for the production of this product.

Servo block machine with its good performance and wide range of products, deeply welcomed by the market. "The servo block machine is controlled by the servo motor, which has high precision and fast response. Each motor is an independent unit and has no interference with each other. It overcomes the energy offset and loss caused by other vibration requiring mechanical synchronization. The vibration effect is better and the energy saving effect is obvious." Tony Chen explained that when the concrete products are finished, they are actually very fragile. At this time, if there is external force to make them shake, dark lines may formed in the finished products. After curing, there will be some differences in performance between the blocks with and without dark lines. "If the servo system is used in the whole assembly line, the blocks will accelerate at a constant speed in the process of production and transportation, the blocks will be less disturbed by external forces, and the quality of the blocks produced will be much better than before."


Tony Chen told reporters that at present servo block machine accounts for half of the output in the production of Sanlian machinery. "The servo block machine can also be used to produce square block, sidewalk block, garden block, grass planting block and other floor tiles, curbstone, earth and stone retaining block, isolation block, well trench cover and other road blocks, bearing and non bearing block, decorative block, standard block and other wall materials."

At present, the manufacturing industry is constantly transforming into a "service + manufacturing" enterprise. The equipment digital remote operation and maintenance platform researched and developed by Sanlian Machinery Co., Ltd. is the key link of its service upgrading.

"The platform project is to build a real-time service and application platform interconnected with users through the latest Internet of things, big data and other new generation information and industrial automation technologies." Tony Chen introduced that through the platform, it can realize online monitoring, remote upgrade, remote fault prediction and diagnosis, equipment health status evaluation, generating equipment operation and application status reports and other functions.


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