S.L Machinery help sponge city construction


 Sponge City means the city can absorb water like sponge. While in raining, it can absorb and store water; when it is needed, the water can be released and used. It can relieve the conflict between water resources shortage and water logging in cities, and help to repair the water eco-environment of cities.
Urban Water Logging
    Water Permeable Brick is the necessary brick material to form Sponge City, its biggest function is permeable, and its structure full of air hole to release the water flow effectively. It has good water and air permeable function, and make the rain permeate underground, to supplement the soil water and groundwater, keep soil moisture and improve living environment of plant and soil microorganism.
    Water Permeable Brick’s function including not only water permeability, but also antifreeze, wear-resisting and antiskid. It is new building materials of environmental protection, designed to deal with urban surface hardening, create a high quality natural living environment, maintenance of urban ecological balance.
Single piece 
    Ten years ago, S.L Machinery sent technicians to Netherlands and USA to study, introduce the advanced formula, continued research and test, finally succeed to make the formula with better permeability effect and higher strength. According to the formula, S.L Machinery developed new generation of multi-functional intelligent brick making machine (it can produce paving brick, wall brick, grass brick and curbstone), it is intellectualized (PLC controlled, motor vibration, hydraulic auxiliary action), and it is easy to operate (the batching system and molding system can be integrated to be central control system and operation interface is more easy). The water permeable brick produced by the machine meet the paving standard of sponge city construction, its permeability is good, the advantage is obvious in water absorption, penetration, storage and purifying, also it is favored by customers.

    General Office of the State Council issued Guidance To Push Sponge City Construction in October, 2005, arrange the working to push sponge city construction. S.L Machinery’s multi-functional brick making machine is used by a dozen users, and its water permeable brick is playing a role for the construction of sponge city.

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