S.L Machinery Resist Fake Products, Maintain Company Brand Image.


When the leading peer products have been developed to win customers widely recognized, harvest more and more orders, Quanzhou SL-Machine in the joy of the occasion, also found a discordant voice is quietly appear.
As a set up more than 20 years, continue to grow and expand the brand enterprises, Quanzhou Sanlian machinery has been the country's new wall materials and equipment leading enterprises ranks; enterprises were awarded innovative enterprises in Fujian Province, the trademark was awarded the famous brand in Fujian Province. When more and more customers come here especially, some lawless elements of the eyes began to turn here.
Not long ago, Quanzhou Sanlian Machinery once again found that their R & D and production of patented new products - composite lightweight energy-saving wallboard production line, there may be copied and fake risk: a peer sent a technician to their users where they measure and draw them Production of this equipment.
This is a collection of all the staff of the company's collective wisdom, research and development for many years, and apply for three patents, six utility model patents, five appearance patents a total of 14 patents epoch-making products, Quanzhou Sanlian Machinery is not allowed " Events "repeated, they decided: directed at fake and shoddy, and any infringement of intellectual property rights for long-term struggle.

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