S.L Machinery will greet the Post Epidemic Development


 The epidemic has been going on for three years, it also has been under control for three years in China. Last month, the Chinese government announced that it would relax control of the epidemic.There are both advantages and disadvantages for the country and its people based on goverment's decision.Anyway, the advantages are more obvious.

The impact of liberalization on the economy will be positive. At present, many people are on sick leave. With the improvement of human immunity, it is believed that the economy will recover in the New Year. The post-epidemic economic development is coming soon.


In early November, we received an invitation from a mineral enterprise in Anhui,China for negotiating and competing as a cooperative supplier to supply machines for a large-scale brick production line.


The negotiation content was as follows:

1)Quotation for the project

2) Company advantages

3) The technical part

4) Display the specified block samples

5) Service commitment


The scoring method was used to determine the shortlisted enterprises to enter the quotation negotiation,and the second round of quotation negotiation is to determine the pre-transaction enterprises.

S.L Machinery got full scores in the following items within the first round: 

1) In the past five years, our products and successful cases have got users'  appreciation.

2) S.L Machinery has obtained quality, safety and service certificates from provincial and above departments and associations.

3) Enterprise sale condition is good, has been leading in the industry. 

4)The bidding products are produced according to national standards. According to the national technical standards, the technical parameters of bidding product are far ahead. 

5) SLST12,SLST15,SLST18 Block Machines got the famous brand in domestic. 

6) It has been 25 years since the bidding products from S.L Machinery used in market,so the maturity of technology and quality are much higher.



The purchaser shall organize an inspection team to inspect suppliers make products, and determine the cooperation suppliers according to relevant laws and regulations; The investigation contents include internal management, production environment, production process, equipment use and maintenance, and production automatation, staff quality, etc.

S.L Machinery, with its technical advantages and rich industrial experience, was informed from the purchaser that we became one of pre cooperation suppliers.It is believed that we will succeed in the final competition and become the cooperation enterprise.


S.L Machinery founded in 1993 and becomes one of the earliest manufacturer. With strong research and development capability,S.L Machinery gets a number of scientific research achievements and more than 150 items of technology patent,it leads the industry development and becomes the pioneer of wall material technology and equipment manufacturing in China.Except block machines,our main products include concrete mixing plant,wall panel machines,block mold,etc..Warmly welcome customers contact us by mail sale09@sl-machine.com


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