S.L Machinery will Keep Leading Industry Development in 2023


S.L Machinery had a meeting of sales conclusion on Jan.11,2023. Sales staffs made conclusion about the achievement in the past year and planned for the new year.The general manager Fu Xiaobin made conclusion at last:Although the epidemic had been under control for almost the whole past year,the domestic and overseas business was still hard,S.L Machinery keeps ahead in the relevant industry.

This is not only due to the efforts of S.L Machinery staffs, but also depending on the excellent quality of products and advanced technology. S.L Machinery has a good reputation in the industry.

One of main products of S.L Machinery is brick machine, there are two categories: one is the traditional vibration by frequency conversion,another is the servo control vibration. Compared with the traditional vibration by frequency conversion, servo control vibration has these advantages: Firstly it is more efficient. The vibration acceleration time is less than 1 second, and the vibration elimination time for demoulding is less than 0.3 second. Secondly it is low energy consumption. Each servo motor is controlled independently, which overcomes the problem of energy cancellation and loss caused by synchronization, it saves energy more.Thirdly the vibration effect of servo control is better, which improves the compactness and quality of the product.Besides,it is easy maintenance. Each servo motor is an independent unit, making maintenance easier.

Especially need to point out is the servo hydraulic system. First of all, the servo hydraulic system is more energy efficient, compared to the normal hydraulic system, servo hydraulic station can make 30% energy saving; Secondly,noise is much lower than the ordinary hydraulic system, it reduces more than 20 dB; The heat generated is small, there is no resistance heating, 10%- 30% of the ordinary hydraulic system; besides ,it is high efficiency.

With strong research and development ability, S.L Machinery has been leading the industry development of block machine,wall panel machine and concrete mixing plant,etc..  



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