Sanlian Block Machine Advantage

This documents mainly introduce Sanlian block machine features and advantage.
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Sanlian Manufacturing Capacity

1. More than 20 years of experience in block machine manufacturing.

2. 140,000m2 modern industry zone, 50,000m2 workshop and 3 factories to suitable differents kinds of block machine.

3. 302 employees, and 36 engineers and technicians.

4. by the end of 2018, block machine sold to 106 countries and regions.

5. The block machine is certificated byISO9001, 14001, OHSAS18001 and CE.

The Technical Advantage of Sanlian Block Machine

The Servo Motor System is applicated in Sanlian Block Machine

Sanlian servo motor system

Cloud Service is applicated in Sanlian Block Machine

sanlian cloud service

1. After-sales Service System: responsible for receiving user-initiated after-sales service request, collecting on-site fault information; at the same time, after-sales engineers highly dispatch operations. Through information integration, the after-sales service process can be visualized and tracked, and maintenance data and records can be saved.

2. Report Analysis System: provides data analysis interface for management personnel or authorized users; analyzes management methods for production management personnel through benchmarking analysis of production data, reduces operating costs, improves production efficiency, provides analysis data and automatic analysis; the date can help the enterprise to improve the equipment quality.

3. Remote Operation and Maintenance System: Ppovides real-time monitoring of field equipment operation data and video information for after-sales service engineers to provide secure VPN tunnels; thereby enabling efficient and convenient equipment commissioning, program upgrade, remote fault diagnosis and troubleshooting (This function requires equipment support for Ethernet network)

4. Equipment Management System: provide enterprises with information integration tools and open information islands; enable managers and after-sale operation and maintenance personnel to efficiently and conveniently query equipment files and related information.

5. Information Release System: for enterprise managers, they can publish enterprise information through the information system quickly and easily, and establish an external information and information interaction window for the enterprise.

6. Equipment Health Assessment System: by setting a health assessment cycle for the equipment, it is planned to track the health status of the equipment for the first time for users to push equipment health status and maintenance information, so as to achieve efficient and stable operation of the equipment and reduce the incidence of failure.

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    Sanlian Block Machine Advantage
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