Sanlian Wall Panel Machine Features and Advantage

This documents introduce Sanlian Wall Panel Machine features and advantages.
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Sanlian Manufacturing Capacity

1. More than 20 years of experience in wall panel machine manufacturing.

2. 140,000m2 modern industry zone, 50,000m2 workshop and 3 factories to suitable different kinds of block machine.

3. 302 employees, and 36 engineers and technicians.

4. By the end of April 2018, wall panel machine sold to 39 countries and regions.

5. The wall panel machine is certificated byISO9001, 14001, OHSAS18001 and CE.

The Technical Advantage of Wall Panel Machine

Sanlian New Wall Panel Machine

1. The equipment has high machining accuracy and the error is 30% smaller than the national standard.

2. The materials are strictly executed according to the national standard, and never save material on materials.

3. The equipment has a high degree of automation. The EPS foaming system, the batch mixing system, the injection molding system, the transfer system, the de-molding stacking system, and the electronic control system have all been automated and seamlessly linked.

4.Wallboard finished product pass rate above 98%.

5. There is a corresponding waste recycling device to ensure that 99% materials are not wasted.

6. The wall panel machine has been improved several times and the leakage rate is controlled at 2%.

7.There are many kinds of wall panel machines, and the output is high and low to meet the needs of different customers

On-line After-sales Service---Cloud Service Application

Sanlian Cloud System

1.       After-sales service system: customers can initiate after-sales service online and all data are recorded.

2.       Report Analysis System: provides data reports for the customer's production, which helps the customer to improve the production efficiency, and at the same time facilitates the manufacturers to improve the wall panel machine.

3.       Remote operation and maintenance system: with the help of the network, you can remotely understand the customer's production situation and test the operation of the wall panel machine

4.       Equipment Management System: the wall panel production line operating profile can be queried at any time.

5.       Information Release System: the latest developments in S.L Machinery can be released to allow customers to better understand the current status of Sanlian.

6.       Equipment Health Assessment System: according to the status of the equipment running to assess the equipment health status.

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