The 6th Environmental Protection Meeting held in Quanzhou


The 6th meeting environmental protection across the Taiwan Straits Quanzhou BBS on August 4-6, held in Quanzhou. We honored to invited by the organizer of Quanzhou Normal College took part in the BBS.

BBS assembled at national Taiwan University, Sun Yat-sen University, Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan Jiao Tong University, Xiamen University, Fujian Normal University, Quanzhou Normal College across the Taiwan Straits more than ten famous universities such as hundreds of well-known professors and environmental experts. Against the sides of the Taiwan straits ocean and coastal zone surrounding the atmosphere, soil and water environment pollution screening, prevention and management of issues related to swap academic report.

With the rapid development of our economy and the urbanization advancement speeding up unceasingly, the environmental pollution problem has become the important topic of widespread concern and need to solve. On both sides of the field of experts and scholars through the report to discuss environmental protection science research and industry development trends, the social and economic development in mainland China under the new norm of environmental protection work provide theoretical and technical support, to further promote cross-strait environmental science progress and the development of environmental protection.

Construction waste and municipal pipe network, roads construction, the construction of the subway and industrial waste residue produced by the solid wastes is ten thousand tons per day of erode our survival environment, according to the environmental problem, the relevant person in charge of Quanzhou Sanlian Machinery in "introduction to solid waste management in the construction of city" as the report issue, a brief introduction about the importance of solid waste treatment and the method of using data to illustrate our latest research results "regeneration of waste residue brick building automatic production line", in the treatment of solid waste in the construction of the city of emphasis on technology breakthrough, to avoid burning of hydraulic construction waste residue was 90%.

Ecological environment is the basic condition of human survival, production and life. Ecological environment protection is endless topic, through the exchange of learning, let us know more care for the environment in addition to reduce damage to the environment in the source, must also be technically to strengthen the management of environment as well as to how to make use of pollutants, to achieve the effect of waste.


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