The characteristics and development of block machine


Un-burned block brick design, integrated multi-model advantages of the high quality block machine, not only combines the characteristics of QT6-15 Automatic Block Machine, also cites a number of new technologies, new processes:

1, Mianshaozhuanji (unburned block brick) design ideas: improve product quality and increase production as the first element. So a leap in the large amplitude increase production while product quality.

2, unburned block brick quality first: Each part of the automatic block machine, the introduction of each technology have been many times by experts on the safety factor, with plenty of spare capacity.

3. Block brick, Mianshaozhuanji (unburned) design objectives: design of the machine rely on disturbance to the international, big yield, high-quality, weather strong adaptability and diversified products.

4 Introduction of Mianshaozhuanji Technical: QT8-15 automatic block making machine with many new technologies, such as multi-source vibration system, random automatic fault diagnosis, remote support technology.

5, Mianshaozhuanji (unburned block brick) solar conservation technologies: solar stack code maintenance processes, saving labor 25%, 50% of the site, improve product quality, with green, no secondary pollution, conservation of the process without increase the cost advantages of the adoption of the program, pallet number, you can save a certain extent, reduce labor, improve the quality of early conservation to ensure the final quality of products.

At present, China's high-end products and export products supporting infrastructure components also rely mainly on imports, domestic development is relatively weak so the basic techniques and basic components, the investment opportunities.


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