The first batch of military-civilian integration enterprises in Quanzhou city


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◆The first batch of military-civilian integration enterprises in Quanzhou city ◆

In 2020, the Office of the Military-civilian Integration Development Committee of the Quanzhou Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China issued a list of the first batch of recognized military-civilian integration enterprises (Institutions) in Quanzhou city, among which S.L Machinery also participates and joins the army.

Military-civilian integration is not only a move to prosper the city, but also a strategy to strengthen the army.

In recent years, the government paid high attention to the development of military-civilian integration, especially taking advantage of the unique industrial clusters of textiles, footwear, building materials, home furnishings, machinery and equipment, petrochemicals etc., which are unique to the private economy great city, it focuses on industrial integration and comprehensively promotes the in-depth development of military-civilian integration.

Brick making machine production line - Great Country Construction

As a leading enterprise in Quanzhou city and a leader in the equipment manufacturing industry, S.L Machinery has been focusing on the research and production of high-end equipment. Speeding up the construction of sponge energy saving cities and accelerating the utilization of construction waste and solid waste are the direction we have always adhered to. The products produced by our brick making machine cover traditional wall standard bricks, high-end PC landscape imitation paving stone bricks, water conservancy slope protection bricks, round well bricks, permeable bricks, curb stones etc. Contribute to the building of a great country.

Wall panel equipment production line - the road to a powerful country

As relevant policies promoting the development of prefabricated buildings, the construction industry has continued to transform to prefabricated buildings, and the rapid development of prefabricated buildings has continued to increase the market scale. The direction of the country, the trend of the people. Our wall panel equipment production line, the composite lightweight thermal insulation wall panel produced by us, adapts to the fiery market demand of prefabricated parts, and is a weapon for the speed of China's infrastructure construction.

In the future development, Sanlian Machinery will also continue to uphold the enterprise spirit of harmony, innovation, development and enterprising, continue to be guided by the development of the country, and create higher-quality and higher-quality equipment and enterprises.


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