Cement Brick Machine with Great Profit and Great Market Prospect 10 Jan 2019

In recent years, more and more customers have invested in Quanzhou Sanlian QT6-15 cement brick machine. The cement brick product produced by this equipment not only effectively improves the natural environment, but also helps to reduce waste and investment in raw material cost. It is a new project of getting rich, which has been praised by customers in the brick machine market.

Quazhou Sanlian cement brick machine is popular in the market because of its considerable profit value and bright market prospects.

The main raw materials of the equipment are cement, sand, fly ash, coal gangue, slag, various tailings, industrial waste slag, etc. Various cement bricks, hollow bricks and standard bricks can be produced by replacing the mould, which has the advantages of simple operation, multi-use of one machine and long service life. Analysis of Equipment Capital Cost:

1. Slag and slag, raw materials of cement brick machine-made bricks, are calculated at 40 yuan per ton and 0.056 yuan per piece.

2. Cement is proportioned at 10% and calculated at 400 yuan per ton, 0.056 yuan per piece.

3. Electricity charges for 3.6-15 cement brick machine and its supporting equipment are 40 degrees per hour, 1 yuan per degree and 320 degrees per 8 hours. 320 yuan divided by 10,000 yuan is equal to 0.032 yuan.

4. Water charges plus 0.003 yuan per piece.

5. Each shift needs 8 hours, 80 yuan per person, totaling 640 yuan, divided by 10,000 yuan, which is equal to 0.064 yuan per unit.

6. The equipment loss and management fee of cement brick machine is 300 yuan per day, divided by 10,000 pieces, which is equal to 0.03 yuan per piece. And the price of a cement standard brick in the market is very clear to most people, and the profit is believed to be clear to everyone.

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With cement and sand as the main raw materials, the cement brick machine effectively maintains the country's inherent land resources. In addition, slag and slag can be used as auxiliary raw materials. The recycling of resources has also been completed. These wastes can be crushed and differentiated by the cement brick machine and then converted into cement bricks in a rational proportion. Moreover, the whole production process reduces the waste of coal resources, protects the ecological environment, responds favourably to the call of national energy conservation and environmental protection, promotes the development of the construction industry, and has a good market prospect. It is a popular project for many investors to invest at present.

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