Quanzhou Sanlian Machinery Connection 13 Dec 2018

With the coming of industrial 4.0 era, the market share will gradually squeeze out a considerable part of the small and medium-sized unburned block machine market. After a considerable period of development, it will eventually become the protagonist in the unburned brick machine market. The introduction of the national supply-side reform will gradually balance the supply-demand relationship of the original large-scale unburned brick machine equipment market. But nowadays, there are only a few manufacturers in the market of large-scale unburned brick machines in China who can really meet the international advanced level.

Quanzhou Sanlian Machinery is the leading enterprise in the top level of manufacturing large-scale non-fired brick machine equipment in China. It can provide full-automatic high-end production line complete sets of equipment with annual output of 30-1 million square meters of permeable bricks and 50-200,000 cubic meters of blocks, and the implementation plan of the construction of digital building materials factory. At present, the products are widely used in the north and south of the motherland, and exported to the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Central Asia and other parts of the world.

The company has always been committed to the research and development, manufacture, sale and supply of green and environmental protection high-end concrete block brick complete sets of equipment, and has dozens of national patented technologies of industrial solid waste brick making technology. In 2013, it won the top award of China's construction machinery industry - "National Leading Enterprise of New Wall Material Equipment"

The construction of "Sponge City" is in full swing. As the leading enterprise of high-end large-scale unburned brick machine equipment in China, Quanzhou Sanlian large-scale unburned brick machine will firmly grasp the theme of "innovative development + win by quality" and move towards the goal of "Made in China 2025" (internationally known as "Industrial 4.0").

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