Sanlian Wall Panel Production Line 02 Nov 2018

Wall Panel Production Line

Regarding the lightweight wall panel production line, below information is for your reference:

1.We are the first supplier in China for the wall panel machine, our company has almost 25 years history;

2.We can provide many technologies wall panel production lines for customers’ choice, there are Horizontal type and Vertical line, has manual, semi-auto, and auto line. Customers can choose according to their capacity request and investment budget.

Difference between Vertical wall panel line and Horizontal wall panel line

Horizontal type line enhances the working performance on the basis of the vertical line. Not only avoid some security operational risks of the vertical line, also enhance the production line working efficiency. The horizontal line also can be reserved an automatic quantitative slurry infusing system, auto mold & face board installation system, auto mold cleaning & oil spraying system etc.. Production line specific difference as below:

1. Vertical overturn cart

The vertical wall panel line requires 2-3 sets vertical overturn cart. It has some safety risks while it works.

The horizontal EPS wall panel line no need vertical overturn cart, mold disassembled and assembled work are done at ground, avoid the hidden safety risks while overturn cart working.

2. Horizontal hoister

Vertical wall panel line needs a horizontal hoister to hang the molding machine out of the rail to the vertical overturn cart to work, it may have some hidden risks while hoister hanging.

Horizontal wall panel line no need horizontal hoister, no need to hang the molding machine out from the rail, avoid the hidden risks.

3. Mixing, Infusing height

Vertical wall panel line applies a high-position slurry infusing, mixer installation height is 12meter, while the slurry injection reach 3.5m, it will have some high-work risks, and the mixer location workshop shall be heighten particularly.

Horizotal wall panel line infuses slurry at ground, mixer installation height is 8meter, decrease the high-work risks largely, and the workshop no need to be highten particularly.

4. Slurry leakage

Because the vertical wall panel line applies a high-position (3m height) slurry injection, the connection parts of the bottom mould easily slurry leakage because of a high material pressure squeeze.

Horizontal type line since is injected at ground, material height is only 0.6meter, the pressure force is less than the vertial line, so the horizontal type will have much less slurry leakage.

5. Adjusted mould

Vertical wall panel line if used for producing different length panel, mould requires to be jointed or custom-made according to different length. This can save you some cost.

Horizontal wall panel line mould can produce different length panel, no need to be jointed or custom-made.

6. Molding machine

Vertical wall panel line molding machine without any power components, it needs to be done by manual while locking and loosening, working efficiency not high, moulding installation and demoulding takes longer time.

Horizontal type line each molding machine is with oil cylinder for loosening and squeezing, not only enhance the working efficiency, but also shorten the mould installation and demoulding time.

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