Full application of servo technology, S.L Machinery brick making machine to promote industry upgrading


Full application of servo technology, S.L Machinery brick making machine to promote industry upgrading

Quanzhou City Sanlian Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., which specializes in the research and development of various mixing equipment, brick making machine, and wall panel machine, has successfully applied servo technology to brick making machine and supporting automatic assembly lines. After the launch, it has received a good response from the market. And in January 2021, it was recognized as the first set of major technical equipment and intelligent manufacturing equipment in Fujian Province. "All-takenism' is not omnipotent. How to make machinery and equipment smarter is the future path of modern enterprises, and it is also the direction we have been working hard on." Said Fu Xiaobin, general manager of S.L Machinery.

Change the vibration mode to improve production efficiency

Servo technology has not been widely used in the brick

Industry before. In 2015, S.L Machinery began to explore the

possibility of a fully automatic servo wall block and paver

production line, and successively carried out product testing

and reliability compliance testing in Guizhou, Changzhou and

other customers.

Quanzhou city is a large production base of brick machine.

S. L Machinery found in contact with customers in the brick

making industry that the continuous monitoring and maintenance of the brick machine production line with a high degree of automation in the existing technology in the industry is not well exctued, resulting in low production efficiency, high production cost and other issues. This includes the production line's raw material processing equipment, brick molding equipment, green brick maintenance and palletizing equipment, remote monitoring of the production line, and monitoring devices to prevent failures.

When problems are discovered, they must be solved, starting from finding gaps and setting goals. Fu Xiaobin, who majored in mechanical engineering, went to the grassroots level after returning to China. Together with the production and R&D personnel in the workshop, he began to gradually think about how to upgrade the equipment. He learned that the vibration drive of the brick making machine on the domestic market at that time was divided into two types: motor vibration and hydraulic vibration. In order to achieve the purpose of speed increase, all were driven by belt pulleys, but the frequency and amplitude after the speed increase were fixed, and the transmission efficiency And the accuracy is not high, and it is impossible to control and adjust according to the demand.

"In order to solve this problem, our R&D personnel and suppliers have conducted multiple demonstrations. Dozens of motors in the optical test have been scrapped, and several million yuan has been invested in research and development. The servo motor is directly connected to the driving device of the vibration system. The vibration force and vibration frequency are fully electronically controlled and adjustable at any time through electrical synchronization. The coordinated control of multiple vibration rotating shafts and the relative angle between each vibration rotating shaft can be adjusted in a short time, making the vibration force more balanced At the same time, there is more precise control." Fu Xiaobin said that the servo system controls the precise angle of the axis, which makes it feasible to adjust the vibration frequency or vibration amplitude alone. At the same time, they also added a self-check protection device at each rotating shaft to ensure the stable quality of long-term high-frequency production of concrete products.

After the servo motor is applied to the servo system, the production efficiency is improved, the vibration effect is good, the maintenance is easy, and the energy saving, emission reduction, consumption reduction and product good rate have been significantly improved, and the technology has obtained a number of patents. Fu Xiaobin said that with the improvement of efficiency, the cost of customers is also decreasing. It can only take min. 13 seconds to produce a standard hollow brick, and min. 9 seconds to produce a standard brick. The overall efficiency increases by 35%, and each production line can drive 30 employees associated jobs. In addition, it can replace imported products and export foreign exchange.

The development, promotion and application of this product have also attracted the attention of domestic and foreign markets. In 2019, a Vietnamese customer purchased the first set of fully automatic servo wall brick and paver production line. Fu Xiaobin told reporters that the production has been completed and shipped to the customer. Customers in Zhejiang, Henan, Vietnam, India and other regions at home and abroad have reached cooperation intentions.

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