ONEIntroduction on Automatic Servo System Block Making Machine

The automatic servo system block machine not only shortens the brick forming cycle, greatly increases the output of concrete products, but also effectively improves the quality of concrete products. It is suitable to produce various high-strength, high-quality concrete blocks, permeable bricks, and water conservancy slope protection bricks , Curbs,paving stone and other concrete products.

The automatic servo system block machine reduces the energy consumption, also it reduces noise pollution by more than 10%, increases working efficiency by 30-40%, and the good yield of bricks made by servo brick machine can be increased by more than 10%.

TWOServo System Block Machine Advantages

Synchronous servo motor advantage

High precision synchronization

Small current  Big torque

High shockproof level

shafts high speed response,Control precision

Electro-hydraulic Servo Advantage

Energy saving rate improves

Extended hydraulic system service life

Low noise,dynamic fast response

Reduce hydraulic elements

Improve holding pressure precision

Improve finished product quality

The automatic servo system block machine has obvious advantages over the traditional block making machine in terms of performance, product quality, energy saving and consumption reduction.

As a basic environmentally friendly policy of engineering construction, building energy efficiency will be enforced internationwide. Countries around the world will also successively formulate and promulgate a series of standards and regulations to promote the smooth development of building energy conservation. The automatic servo system block machine is a new type of wall material equipment, in line with the international industrial policy guidelines.

As the necessary and urgent requirements for green, environmental protection, the continuously increased request on energy saving and consumption reduction, and the integration of industry and information technology, the future development of brick machine is bound to be in this direction, and constantly improve, the new generation of technology will replace the old technology.

THREE、Concrete paving stone products


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