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Xiamen He Xinhuang building materials order second HZS60 concrete mixing plant successfully installed
Last year, He Xinhuang building materials purchased HZS60 concrete mixing plant, the production line put into production, the operation is stable and smooth, and output of high quality materials, the customer feedback effect is very good. In order to further meet the needs of the market, in line with our product quality, good service and Quanzhou SL brand recognition, He Xinhuang building materials  contacted with our manager to discuss a new production line matters ,in order to further meet the needs of the market at the end of March this year. They determined the purchase contract in early April.

From the equipment delivery to the installation and commissioning is completed, only ten days, SL Machinery applied for the user's appreciation with the actual action.
As a professional design, production and sale of concrete mixing plant equipment enterprises, to provide users with the perfect solution for the product concept, and comprehensively improve the concrete mixing plant equipment, human design and product quality, to meet the customer due to site restrictions, post-planning considerations Personalized needs, to create "reliable and practical, cost-effective, intelligence, advanced technology," the quality of products, is a habit of

In the current background to the production capacity, the user is more picky in the selection for purchasing new equipment. Users selected new equipment from SL Machinery again ,since it’s products, and high quality and efficient service recognition.
Good products with good service, Thank you for your choice and accompanied with SL Machinery’s growth!

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