Let's Roll Up Our Sleeves and Work Harder


For All Customers, Let's Roll Up Our Sleeves and Work Harder----Guangxi Bobai Concrete Batching Plant Installed and Goes Into Operation Soon

Spring is approaching, and the New Year has begun. The weather is still cold with spring breeze, however, when you are in S.L Machinery, you will be surprised to feel a kind of enthusiasm because of the joy of harvest.

Since S.L Machinery’s “First Set Innovative Vertical Compound Lightweight Energy Saving Wall Panel Automatic Production Line” successfully went into operation in Shan’xi, a concrete batching plant located in Bobai, Guangxi, has been installed completely, and will go into operation soon.

Let's Roll Up Our Sleeves and Work Harder, Never Disappoint Customers
Has Experienced the whole year of 2016, our economy is recovering. A year's plan starts with spring. There are a lot of people "rolling up their sleeves and working harder" and the S.L Machinery’s people also involve in.

At a construction site of Yulin, Guangxi, after the local government bid for this plant and finally decided to purchase S.L Machinery’s equipment, the workers began to fight for this plant so that it can be installed and go into operation as soon as possible. Because it will become the "source" of the project, such as construction of schools, the people's square, housing for people's livelihood. Once those projects are built, the people's livelihood project can serve the local residents earlier

Then, in the face of the present difficulties, like shortage of the workers on site, nobody working on foundation, high-intensity work, poor accommodation, full of mud after the rain…After traveling all the way here, the S.L Machinery’s people have only one belief, to do our best and not to disappoint our customers.

Intelligence of Infinite Care, Iron Man with Tender Heart
With excellent product quality, S.L Machinery won very good reputation among local market of Guangxi. It brought more and more customers. The success of this contract and the installation of the plant and into operation, shows S.L Machinery strong technical achievements and foresight once again.

You don't see this plant as lumpy as it is, in fact, inside its large body, there is a subtle and caring heart.

The whole plant includes automatic batching, rough and accurate batcher for aggregate, water and additives, as well as makeup for batching and blanking at different grade. The system makes the measurement accuracy higher and higher.

The advanced and reliable control system can realize full automatic control of the production process. The computer interface is rich but easy to master. In this complete plant, from batching to transportation to mixing, dust collecting shall be considered inside. For powder material system, the way from material conveying to batching to mixing is completely sealed. Along with dust collector for main machine, silo top filter, it makes powder material recycling effectively, so that to prevent the leakage of dust, environment friendly and economically.

If it cannot show human kindness, what purpose would it become intelligent? In S.L Machinery’s opinion, more large equipment requires us more to achieve the ultimate. And we can all get a glimpse of this in a full set of plant.

The aggregate bin is the individual measurement, with big capacity, reducing the labor work of the wheel loader. And the material loading is convenient, the raw materials are not mixed each other. The steel structure of the whole set of equipment is made of standard shape, and it is stronger and more stable than its peers.

There are three operation modes of automatic control system, separately automatic, program-controlled (semi-automatic) and manual, and with monitoring of the equipment running status, fault alarm and automatic emergency stop, with the function of overload, undervoltage, overheating protection.

In March, the Spring season, with continuous orders, S.L Machinery’s people feel confident, particularly with a vision for 2017, and firmly move forward to the future.


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