S.L Machinery Succeeded in the 32nd. Saudi Build


The 32nd. Riyadh International Construction Machinery Fair,Saudi Build proceeded in Riyadh International convention &exhibition center (RICEC) during Nov.14-17,2022. This exhibition covered HVAR, Stone Tech and other topics, and coincided with the time of 23rd. Saudi Elenex. S.L Machinery attended the 32nd. Saudi Build and acquired good effect.Some customers came to our booth and left their business cards with advising us to contact them after the exhibition ending. Some customers were going to build wall panel factories,they had many questions about wall panel machines and the operation of production line.Some were looking for simple production line of block making machines and expressed they would like to cooperate with us in the near future.

S.L Machinery founded in 1993,committing to global environmental protection and pursuing for the achievement of perfect buildings ,has acquired more than 150 technology patents and a number of scientific research achievements.S.L Machinery has always leaded the industry development of block machine,light weight wall panel machine and concrete mixing plant etc..for many years.

Our wall panels have the comprehensive incomparable advantages of solid, light weight, thin body, high strength, impact resistance, strong hanging force, heat insulation, sound insulation, fire prevention, waterproof, easy to cut, arbitrarily slotted, without dry working and environmental protection. The composite light weight and thermal insulation wall panel is a kind of high quality wall material widely used in developed countries. The cement panel of high component reinforced fiber is firmly combined with the light weight aggregate concrete core to form composite light weight wall panel. The usage of light weight composite insulation wall panel instead of traditional blocks can also reduce the occupation area of wall, improve the residential utility rate, reduce the structural load, improve the capacity of earthquake resistance and safety performance of buildings, reduce the comprehensive cost. The product can be widely used in non-load-bearing internal partition boards of buildings. The specific performance is as follows:

1)Reliable mechanical properties

The mechanical properties of composite lightweight thermal insulation wall panel, such as impact resistance, hanging force, compression resistance and transverse flexural resistance, are in the leading position of wall panel products. The unique joint structure of wall panel can ensure the vertical of wall panel and the smoothness between wall panels during the site installation and construction. At the same time, the connecting area is increased and the overall stiffness of wall is improved because of the concave and convex surface connecting between the panels. The load of bending resistance can reach 2 times of the weight of wall body. Low cost: lower project cost than clay brick, hollow brick and so on.

2)Good sound insulation performance

The sound insulation effect of composite light weight insulation wall panel is good, good heat insulation performance, comply with the national energy saving trend.

3)Good waterproof performance

The unique structure of composite light weight insulation wall panel has a strong ability to resist water seepage. The capillary water climbing height is less than 20mm under the state of 48-hour immersion. Composite light weight insulation wall panel can be directly used in the bathroom and kitchen.

4) Good fire performance

5) Excellent engineering construction performance

Composite light weight insulation wall panel can be nailed, slotted and other processed performance is good, the installation process is assembled, high speed and high efficiency, buried pipe, wire box is convenient and easy, wall finishing effect is good.

6)Good secondary decoration performance

Composite light weight insulation wall panel two panels are fiber reinforced cement board, the panel itself is decorative plate, the wall does not need to be treated, and organic and inorganic binder can be well combined. Can be directly brush paint, paste wallpaper, paste porcelain. And the wall flatness is high, the decorative effect is good.

7)Considerable comprehensive benefits

Using composite light weight insulation wall panel instead of traditional block materials can not only reduce the load of the main structure of the building, save the basic investment, reduce the comprehensive cost, but also increase the usage area of the building. The weight of wall panel of same area is only 1/7 of that of the 240mm solid brick wall, and the bearing capacity of the foundation can be reduced due to the reduction of the weight of building wall. Walls of the same size are reduced in thickness, thus increasing the usable area of building. According to estimates, the usage of composite lightweight insulation wall panels instead of traditional block materials can increase the usage area by 3 ~ 6 m2 per 100 m2 of building area.

The epidemic of COVID hasn't gone to the end though it has been impacting the international business for near three years.But no matter how hard the situation is, S.L Machinery will continue to make endeavor to gain more progress and supply our products with higher quality.


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