The reputation: S.L Machinery Block Machine won the provincial first (set) major technical equipment certification


The reputation: S.L Machinery Block Machine won the provincial first (set) major technical equipment certification

Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of Fujian Province announced the "Recognition of the First (Set) of Major Technical Equipment in Fujian Province in 2020." After being recommended, reviewed and publicized by various districts and cities, 65 products were recognized as the first (set) major technical equipment in the province. S.L Machinery’s main product "Fully Automatic Servo System Block Machine Production Line" was selected among them. This is the best answer to the end of 2020 and a testimony to S.L Machinery's strength.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology documents pointed out that major technical equipment is the backbone of the manufacturing industry, with the characteristics of intensive new technology, complex system sets, high added value, and great driving ability. It is an important indicator of measuring core competitiveness.

Fully automatic servo system Block Machine production line


After urbanization and industrialization have entered the middle and late stages, traditional building materials have moved towards the high "turning point" period of their life cycle. New building materials that meet the requirements of modern green energy-saving buildings and construction parts, factory production, and assembly construction have become the building materials industry’s top priority for future development and transformation and upgrading. At the same time, with the support of national policies for the environmental protection industry and the gradual improvement of people's awareness of environmental protection, the proportion of China's new environmentally friendly building materials will further expand.

The full-automatic servo system Block Machine production line adopts advanced servo system technology. The maximum tonnage reaches 500T. After vibration forming, a certain pressure is applied to make the product surface and bottom layer more reliable, and the surface quality and strength are higher. The secondary processing will not cause any impact on the surface layer. Servo system Block Machine production line is fully-automatic closed-loop design, from raw material input to finished product packaging and output, the whole line rolls in a cycle to meet the high efficiency and high production needs of customers. Efficiently consume various types of construction waste recycled aggregates, fabrics, coal gangue, blast furnace slag, steel slag, ferroalloy slag, and other slag, waste concrete, etc., to produce various high-end PC imitation stone bricks, ultra-high water conservancy slope protection bricks, color permeable pavement bricks, and standard Bricks, (load-bearing, ordinary, split) blocks, grass-planting bricks, and concrete products such as roadside stones, slope embankment bricks, interlocking bricks, and hydraulic blocks.

After the Precast light weight wall panel machine production line was recognized as the first set of major technical equipment in Fujian Province in 2017,S.L Machinery again won this honor. The two main products, leading the industry, and proof of great strength, this is the best answer in 2020 and the opening ceremony of 2021for S.L Machinery. In 2021, we will carry on the past and open the future, and opportunities and challenges will come side by side. S.L Machinery will also make persistent efforts to move forward and create new brilliance.

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