S.L Machinery: Use tangible equipment to drive intangible energy conversion


S.L Machinery: Use tangible equipment to drive intangible energy conversion

A few days ago, the Quanzhou Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology and the Quanzhou Municipal Bureau of Finance jointly released the 2020 Quanzhou “CNC Generation” demonstration project product list, S.L Machinery’s “Full Automatic Block Machine Production Line” and “Assembled Lightweight Wall Panel Machine Fully Automatic Production line" two projects are on the list.

So, what are the advantages of S.L Machinery's products? Recently, reporters walked into the company to find out.

The wall panel machine production line has been exported to more than 20 countries

"In recent years, relevant institutions and departments have played a significant role in guiding enterprises to accelerate the development of the'CNC generation' mechanical products, open up markets, promote the leapfrog development of the equipment manufacturing industry, and promote industrial transformation and upgrading. In addition, the purchase of enterprises has been included in Quanzhou's CNC The intelligent equipment of the first-generation demonstration project products can also enjoy 20% purchase subsidy." Fu Xiaobin, general manager of S.L Machinery, told reporters.

As one of the main products of S.L Machinery, the "Assembled Lightweight Wall Panel Machine Fully Automatic Production Line" has obtained 14 patents, including 3 invention patents, and has formed 1 enterprise standard for vertical wall panel machines. High-yield, energy-saving, consumption reduction, and waste utilization are the main features of the production line. The products  lightweight composite wall panels is for buildings and municipalities. They are partition walls developed and produced for modern high-rise buildings, ecological residences, frame structures and low-rise buildings. Lightweight slats.

"As a new type of wall material, lightweight composite wall panels can be used for interior walls, exterior walls, roof panels, floor panels, enclosure walls, etc. It is another new type of energy-saving panel that has been vigorously developed in various countries around the world. Its appearance makes our country one step ahead in this field. As the continuos large-scale application, it will help S.L Machinery to further consolidate the domestic market and enter the international market. Secondly, it can speed up the construction of houses, reduce labor intensity, shorten the construction period, effectively increase the use area of the building, and reduce the overall cost.  Fu Xiaobin said frankly that at present, more than 40 production lines have been exported to more than 20 countries around the world, which has good economic benefits.

Behind the good economic benefits is the diligent pursuit of product development. Every year, S.L Machinery will conduct market research and have a deeper understanding of market demand based on the existing domestic wall panel machine production equipment at this stage. The company’s R&D, marketing, and after-sales personnel conduct a comprehensive search for relevant market needs and customer opinions and related literature materials, understand related policies and scientific research knowledge, and summarize, sort and filter the collected literature data and related materials. Make the best plan and complete the R&D project report of the project.

"After the prototype is put into production and trial-produced, the trial-produced products are tested through experiments to see if they meet the technical requirements of relevant standards, so as to further improve and improve the performance indicators of the equipment. After the mass production is put into the market, continue to track the use of the situation, and take measures for possible problems. Improve." Fu Xiaobin further explans.

Achieve 65% energy saving for building walls in one step.

As a "CNC generation" product, the fully automatic lightweight wall panel machine has shown its cutting edge in three aspects: heat preservation and energy saving, convenience and time saving, and low price. Its excellent thermal performance meets the requirement of one-step energy saving of 65% of the building wall, which is a breakthrough in the wall composite to a single material. And the thermal insulation system is completed with the completion of the wall masonry, without adding any thermal insulation process. Compared with other energy-saving wall materials currently on the market, the cost is lower, accounting for only 30% of the cost of external thermal insulation walls.

It is reported that S.L Machinery has successively cooperated with Inovance Technologies and other famous electrical component equipment manufacturers to develop intelligent and high-performance operating systems of multiple specifications. Through technical cooperation and exchanges, S.L Machinery R&D Center has accumulated a large number of rich and advanced design methods and concepts, the performance indicators of the equipment operating system developed have basically reached the international advanced level, laying a solid foundation for the introduction of technology and the development of new generation products.

Vigorously carry out quality improvement actions, and further promote the construction of a strong quality city. Today, S.L Machinerys fully automatic assembly lightweight wall panel Machine production line has the highest production capacity in China, up to 250m2/h, and the molding quantity of a single molding machine has also increased from 14 to 46 pcs.

Fu Xiaobin said that the research and development of the vertical model lightweight composite wall panel project will be the direction of wall material reform and development. In the future, tangible process integration will be driven by intangible intelligence, and intangible energy conversion will be driven by tangible equipment. The convergence of every professional detail will drive the future of S.L Machinery.


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