S.L Machinery Egyptian Office MCS Participated in the 4th Egypt Project (International Building Materials Exhibition)


The 4th Egypt Project and International Building Material Exhibition was grandly held at the Egypt International Exhibition Center on 27th Feb 2020. MCS,the office and agent of S.L Machinery, and other elites from brick making machine, wall panel making machine in the industry made a wonderful appearance.

Egypt, the first Arab country to establish diplomatic relations with China, has been a friendly country since 1956. Egypt's reform and opening up in the past 40 years lead to one of largest construction sites and markets in the world, especially in the construction of super high-rise buildings, bridge engineering, high-speed railways etc. In the process of China-Africa cooperation and development, the "Belt and Road" initiative has also made China-Egypt cooperation closer and more effective. Egypt Project, as Africa's largest professional building materials exhibition, brings together executives and decision makers from leading construction and building materials companies in the Middle East and Africa. MCS represented S.L Machinery in this exhibition and received a large number of customers from different countries and regions.

MCS's representative, Mr. Elafi, has been inextricably linked with S.L Machinery since he visited China in 2019. Select because of trust, and advance together because of selection. Mr.Elafi was deeply attracted by the SLST servo system brick making machine,which has a stable, reliable and efficient servo closed-loop controlling synchronization system, a high-response and high-precision servo hydraulic system, an original airbag vibration reduction and noise reduction system and a "Detached feeding and charging material cart" structure design, and the liner of the demoulding system and swinging type material charging system adopt advanced self-lubricating Material.

The falling curtain does not represent the end, but the next perfect prelude. S.L  Machinery will continue to strengthen technology research, continue to benefit from the technology and its progress, and benefit the majority of investors to realize win-win and provide customers with complete environmental protection construction product such as brick, block and light weight wall panel one-stop solution for the project.


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