Sanlian Machinery from Manufacturing to Intelligent Manufacturing


Sanlian Machinery

Machine change work to pinpoint pain points, easy to solve production problems.

Sanlian Machinery, which is located in the Binjiang Machinery Equipment Manufacturing Base of Xiamei Town, was founded in 1993 and has a history of more than 20 years. It is a professional manufacturer of wall materials and technical equipment. In recent years, with the opportunity of "housing industrialization", Sanlian has achieved rapid development. The wall panel forming machines made by them are used for the production of partition wall panels.

On the one hand, the demand is exuberant, but on the other hand, due to the traditional production methods, the product accuracy is not enough, which has brought obstacles to the development of enterprises.

"The original welding is done by hand, because of the differences in worker's proficiency and technology, it is easy to cause irregularity or deformation in the welding process." In order to solve this problem, Sanlian decided to transform the past production mode through technological transformation. At the beginning of this year, Sanlian introduced welding robots to improve the welding speed of production line and ensure the stability of welding quality through "machine changing".

Robots in work

Intelligent development promotes the improvement of quality and production of enterprises, and the improvement of product quality brings  a broader sales market. Now the equipment of Sanlian Machinery has already been exported to hundreds of countries such as Europe, America, Africa and Middle East.


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